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Keeping the Work-Life Balance as a Volunteer

Is the impossible dream, possible? Aspiring for the perfect balance means you’ll have a fulfilled life – happy parents, kids taken care of, and your work-life sailing along. Is this idea even possible? Keeping all of these areas of our lives stationary and in a perfect balance seems pretty unrealistic. We’re sold the idea that our work is overwhelming and our lives are light and easy; that these two areas are on opposing ends. Instead, isn’t work, children, community, relationships all parts of the same piece of pie – our life. Rather than looking at work and volunteer life as opposing each other why not instead realize that they are a system each with their share of uplifting moments and times when they drag us down. Rarely does one part have to be bad so the other can be good.

It’s time to take a different perspective. The possibility to make this ‘balance’ work is within your reach. Sure, you’ll need to organize when you commit to your volunteer time. Fortunately, the school calendar stays pretty consistent. Consider your work schedule and make good choices by selecting events that give you flexibility or fall at a time that fit into your work commitments. 

Give yourself a break and stop trying to do 100% of everything. It’s going to be a juggling act so make sure you’ve got the right number of balls in the air. Say no confidently and say yes when it fits into your work schedule. This may seem too simple of a solution.  But give a try.  Find your perfect balance and know you’re not alone in the balancing act.

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but instead from what we give. Wise words from Ben Carson

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