MemberHub Transaction Fees

When “Free” isn’t really Free

Recently, many state PTAs have developed a relationship with MemberHub. You may have seen that MemberHub is “free” to PTA units in some states. I put free in quotation marks, because, as I tell my kids, there is no such thing as free.

In this case, that is absolutely true. MemberHub is not free and the state PTA isn’t paying for it. Parents are! MemberHub charges 3.5% + $0.50 per transaction. For comparison purposes, PayPal has a nonprofit rate of 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. This means the more money you raise with MemberHub, the more money you pay.

At Mitsy, we believe in:

  1. Unity. Reaching out to the entire parent community is crucial. Inclusiveness breeds loyalty which builds a strong parent network. There are many ways to be involved. Time, talents and money are all equal when it comes to parent involvement.
  2. Trust is the backbone of a Parent Volunteer Group. Transparency, accountability, and responsibility are not just catch phrases. As the keeper of charitable funds, it is incumbent upon leadership to make wise financial decisions and keep administrative costs to a minimum.
  3. Gratitude is everything. No matter what is donated (time, talents or money), thanking a donor is the best way to build a strong parent community.

At Mitsy, we don’t believe that a PTA that raises $50,000 per year should pay ten times as much for the same product as one that raises $5,000. Based upon the MemberHub recommended $10 membership fee, that “free” product will cost you $425 in transaction fees if you raise just $5,000 in membership revenue. $425 doesn’t sound free to me. See below for how much that PTA raising $50,000 is going to pay. Definitely not free.

In addition to membership revenue, MemberHub takes a cut of every single transaction you complete on the platform. Every one of them.

Sure, you could ask your parents to pay these fees, but I don’t have to tell you how they are going to feel about that! We also know that lots of parents will choose not to pay those fees and just send you a check (if they remember), eliminating the benefit of accepting payments online and likely reducing your fundraising (because they forget). Not to mention the added time to deposit and record all those manual payments!

At Mitsy, we want to put as much money in your pocket as possible. We also believe that making good financial decisions is imperative for nonprofits. That means you need price transparency. We’ve priced Mitsy at a flat rate subscription price.

  • You will never be surprised by how much you pay us.
  • We will never penalize you for raising more money – we WANT you to raise more money.
  • We don’t want to penalize you for being successful.

We also want you to engage all your parents. Mitsy will work with you to ensure you have a complete directory of parents and students at your school. Access to the online tools and information we offer isn’t limited to members because we believe that time, talent OR money are all valid and important ways to be involved in PTA/PTO. Parent/Teacher groups have long struggled with the negative image of an exclusive club. Requiring parents to pay to be involved goes against everything we stand for at Mitsy.

We know how important parent involvement is in the success of a school and we will do everything we can to help you reach the widest possible audience.

Before you choose “free”, take a look at Mitsy. We believe what you believe. We are passionate about what you are passionate about. We just want to make it easier to do what you do.

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