mitsy dashboard Volunteer Scheduling

Using Volunteer Scheduling

Dashboard -->Events --> Volunteer Scheduling

Mitsy puts all your Volunteer opportunities in one place. Parents no longer must hunt around for the correct sign up form, send emails to express their interest in volunteering or fill out a paper form and hope it makes it to the right person.

If you oversee an event, go ahead and get it on the calendar and set up your volunteer sign ups! Do you need to build a committee for the event? Add that to the volunteer sign ups. Be specific in your ask so parents know exactly what they are getting into.

Take a quick tour of the Volunteer Scheduling tool if you need some help.

Best Practices

  • Offer various options to participate in an event (donate time or an item).
  • Limit volunteer time slots to 2-ish hours. Most parents won’t dedicate more than that.
  • Offer at least two volunteer positions for each time slot. Its more fun to volunteer with a friend!
  • Provide clear and specific instructions. Don’t forget things like where to park and how to dress.
  • Thank your volunteers!