User Functions: Changing Passwords

User Functions: Changing Passwords

At Mitsy, we take security seriously. Many of the features of the website are available without logging in, but, we believe your personal information and that of other members should remain confidential. To that end, we require a user generated password to access the private areas of your website.

Sometimes, you’ll need to makes changes to that password.

There are three reasons why you may change your password.

  • You haven’t yet registered and created a password
  • You have registered, but forgot your password
  • You remember your password, but want to change it.

In this video, we’ll show you how to change your password in all of these circumstances.

Written Instructions

You haven’t registered and created a password:

  • Click My Info/Sign In
  • Select Click here to register
  • Follow the prompts to register

You forgot your password:

  • Click My Info/Sign In
  • Select Click here to reset

You remember your password but want to change it:

  • Click My Info/Sign In
  • Login with your old password
  • Click My Info
  • Click Change Password
  • Enter new password twice