Setting up a Personal Fundraising Page

Fundraising made easy! No more: Door-to-door sales Collecting checks Hassling friends, family and coworkers to buy useless stuff “No More”, we say! Mitsy puts an end to the hard work of school fundraisers with a simple peer-to-peer fundraising platform. Welcome to easy… The Bullet Points Share your student’s personal fundraising page with friends, family, neighbors, … Read more

User Functions: Registration

Registering to use a PTA/O Mitsy site is as simple as entering your contact information and that of your co-parent(s) and selecting your child’s grade and teacher. Follow these simple instructions to get started using all the features of your PTA/O’s website. Include as much or as little information as you’d like to display in the … Read more

User Functions: Changing Passwords

User Functions: Changing Passwords

At Mitsy, we take security seriously. Many of the features of the website are available without logging in, but, we believe your personal information and that of other members should remain confidential. To that end, we require a user generated password to access the private areas of your website. Sometimes, you’ll need to makes changes … Read more