Fundraising Made Easy: Setting up a Peer-to-Peer (A-Thon) Fundraiser

Dashboard–>Features–>Peer-to-Peer Page Setup It is easier than ever to set up a fundraising campaign with Mitsy! Simply run through a few quick steps on your Dashboard, share with parents (using our Communications tool), and start raising tons of money…All online! Pro Tips: Use the content area to explain your mission and provide donors a reason … Read more

Using your Mitsy Dashboard: Website

setting up Mitsy website photo colors links

It is easier than ever to set up a website for your nonprofit organization! With Mitsy, a few clicks of your mouse will put all the information about your group at everyone’s fingertips. In this demo, we’ll show you how to update your home page photo, change the default colors on your website, and add … Read more

Keep your teachers in the loop

Mitsy teacher registration

Make it easy for your teachers & staff to acces your Mitsy website and class lists. When teachers register, they are able to view and edit their class lists, set up signup activities, add items to the calendar, and upload documents. For privacy, teacher’s personal contact information is not availble to the school community. Send … Read more

General Settings

mitsy dashboard settings

Dashboard –> Settings Setting up Clubs, Committees & Teacher lists at the ‘Settings’ Tile creates the categories that allow you to sort your students and parents into manageable groups. PayPal settings are in this section as well. Watch our instructional video if you need help working with the Settings tile on your Mitsy dashboard. Best … Read more

Setting up Board & Committee Leaders

Mitsy Dashboard Board Leaders

Dashboard –> Committees & Groups –> Board & Leadership Congratulations on your choice to use Mitsy to manage your PTA, PTO or other parent organization. We are excited to help you become a more effective and efficient organization and make volunteering easy. These instructions are for the Super Admins at your organization. As a Super … Read more