Does time of Year matter when asking for donations?

It sure does and here’s why: The start of school is when parents are the most inspired and motivated. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your parents involved- encourage PTA/PTO membership drives, establish donation funds and recruit for volunteer committees. Take advantage of parents while they are enthusiastic and before they begin to feel the … Read more Does time of Year matter when asking for donations?

Using your Mitsy Dashboard: Resources

Mitsy Resources

Dashboard –>Website–> Resources Organizational transparency is critical for nonprofits like PTA/PTO and other Parent Volunteer Groups. Mitsy makes it easy to fufill these obligations with the Resources area of the Dashboard. The Resources area of your Mitsy website allows you to upload and store important documents for your entire community to see and to turn … Read more Using your Mitsy Dashboard: Resources

Using Committees & Groups

Mitsy Committees & Groups

Dashboard –>Committees & Groups In this installment of How To Use Your Mitsy Dashboard, we’ll talk about the Committees & Groups tile. With this grouping, you are able to sort your students and parents into manageable groups by indicating a committee, group, club or volunteer interest they belong to. Watch a quick video demo to … Read more Using Committees & Groups