Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Don't overpay for fundraising software!

Keep your fundraiser dollars in your pocket

We know you have a limited budget and need to raise funds for your students, teachers and community. Mitsy’s peer-to-peer fundraising feature is integrated into your website. Included with the Mitsy Plus subscription, it checks all of your need boxes.

Our feature simplifies the campaign setup and is designed to get you up and running quickly. Focus on what’s needed most, supporting your community. Keep your hard-earned fundraising dollars in your pocket. Don’t spent on over-priced software or pay a portion of your proceeds.

Getting a campaign setup

Participants create their own donation campaigns and easily create personal fundraising pages to promote to their own goal.

Users enter campaigns with fundraising and time goals and as little or as much personal information as they are comfortable with. Or, we create campaigns (with the most basic of information) for all students and allow editing from there.

Let's start fundraising!

Peer-to-peer fundraising enables you to raise more money from more supporters, because it relies on individuals’ networks.

Keep participates motivated with a time tracking tool

Track your campaign’s progress in real time. Mitsy’s fundraising software allows participants to enter their own time, provides comprehensive reports to coordinators, and generally eliminates the tedious paperwork of running a fundraising campaign.

Reach your fundraiser goals every year

Every donation instantly updates the participants campaign page. Mitsy’s responsive design offers access to donation pages no matter what devise is being used.

Create an instant Report from the dashboard to evaluate the success of your fundraiser event.