Membership Directory

Connect your community members

Support your community outreach and with a secure, searchable online directory. Provide a communications hub for your volunteer chairs and a searchable tool that you can use to segment groups, track membership status, and even target communications. Enhance your non profit outreach to increase your fundraising efforts and volunteer recruitment.

A secure, searchable online directory

Give parents a resource that saves time and facilitates community engagement. Mitsy’s directory is password protected and is limited to only your community members.

Members create and edit their own profile that connects to the main member directory. Or, Mitsy can upload an opt-in member spreadsheet that auto populated the directory.

Search by student

By using a member directory, your organization makes contact information available so members can seamlessly contact one another.

Play dates and birthday party invites are managed by parents rather than involving classroom teachers.

Search by parent

Your directory can serve as a tangible benefit for collecting membership dues. Access to a list of community members provides countless benefits to parents. For example, they may be looking for companionship, assistance, or an opportunity to build their child’s peer relationships.

Add board members and contact info

Keep you board member and committee chair contact details easily available to your membership.  Protect your email from spam and organize your communication messages with a contact form.

If your organization encourages collaboration, a member directory isn’t just helpful — it’s essential.