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Does time of Year matter when asking for donations?

It sure does and here’s why:

The start of school is when parents are the most inspired and motivated. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your parents involved- encourage PTA/PTO membership drives, establish donation funds and recruit for volunteer committees. Take advantage of parents while they are enthusiastic and before they begin to feel the weight of homework and after school activities. This will be one of your most successful fundraising times if you can start your planning before the school year begins. The Early Bird Catches the Worm can definitely be true when asking parents of school-aged children.

As winter break approaches, generosity is in the air. Fortunately, parents shift their mindset on giving knowing it’s inevitable. So make sure you tailor your event to the season – food, auctions and items sales.  Don’t make your ask too large, since parents are truly taxed at this time, but this is a great season to do some type of fundraising or event.

Spring weather brings out the best in all of us and that includes donations for appreciation events and food drives. Also with the passage of time, parents now feel invested in their school and teachers.  This means it’s a great time to approach parents with fundraising ideas that can make an impact on the community and for a school wide initiative.

Finally, the end of year brings thoughts of gift giving for teachers and administrative staff. Encourage your room parents or class parents to coordinate a collective gift campaign.  Whether this is a gift card, a thank you letter campaign or an end of year celebration, this is a time when parents need guidance and direction. Keep in mind that collecting small amounts can add up to a generous gift. Give parents the opportunity to be thankful in a meaningful way –teachers and staff will thank you for it!