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Find Ways to Unite your Community Building unity benefits students, teachers, and families Your school community is made up of individuals who come together for a common purpose. Members should feel welcome and valued. Schools and classrooms are where children and parents spend a significant amount of time each week, and parent volunteers have an … Read more

What does “Community” really mean?

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Community. It’s a word that’s bandied around quite a bit these days. Almost a buzzword. But what, exactly, is a community? Why is it important? Let me share with you a personal experience that demonstrates what community means to me. It also served as a strong driver for me to start this business, Mitsy. Teenagers!?!? … Read more

Get the Point, Already: BLUF

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Watch a video to see how Mitsy gives you the tools to use the BLUF philosophy The other day I received an email from my son’s school. The subject was something along the lines of “News from the School District: Academic Calendars”. In a not very prominent place and alongside the approved calendars for the … Read more

Five Cost and Time-Saving Tips for Treasurers

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Being a treasurer for a nonprofit is a huge job! With a little front-end work, you can save both time and money for your organization. Read on to learn some great tips and strategies to best manage your volunteer organization.

Get PayPal’s nonprofit rate

PayPal has a nonprofit rate of 2.2% + 30₵ per transaction. The regular business rate is 2.9% + 30₵ per transaction. To obtain this discounted rate, login to your PayPal account (or create a new one), select “Tools” from the top menu bar and select “Business Setup”. Select “Confirm Your Charity Status” and follow the instructions from there. It may not seem like 0.7% is a lot, but if you are raising $15,000, you’ll save $100 per year.

While you are at it, sign up for PayPal Here and get a free credit card reader to accept payments in person at events.

Use your bank’s online bill payment

Not only is it an enormous time saver, but you’ll also save money on checks and stamps. Online bill payment is typically free with a business checking account, so take advantage of that!

Download your bank’s mobile app

Save time by not going to the bank. Checks can be deposited remotely through the mobile app. Just snap a photo and make your deposit.

Save money on wireless and accessories

If you accept payments in person on a tablet or phone, you should know that all the major cell service providers have some sort of discount for nonprofits. Investigate the best deal and save up to 25% on service and accessories.

Easily fulfill the transparency obligation

Use the online version of your accounting package (don’t forget to check for nonprofit rates). Set up custom reports that you can share on your website or with a link to avoid having to manually prepare and share reports.

Do you have any other great tips for treasurers? Share with us on Facebook! We’ll compile an updated list with your suggestions.

If you are ready for an easier way to run your organization, check out the tools we’ve put together at Mitsy to make running a nonprofit easier.

Does time of Year matter when asking for donations?

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It sure does and here’s why: The start of school is when parents are the most inspired and motivated. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your parents involved- encourage PTA/PTO membership drives, establish donation funds and recruit for volunteer committees. Take advantage of parents while they are enthusiastic and before they begin to feel the … Read more