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When “Free” isn’t really Free

Recently, many state PTAs have developed a relationship with MemberHub. You may have seen that MemberHub is “free” to PTA units in some states. I put free in quotation marks, because, as I tell my kids, there is no such thing as free. In this case, that is absolutely true. MemberHub is not free and … Read more

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Keeping the Work-Life Balance as a Volunteer

Is the impossible dream, possible? Aspiring for the perfect balance means you’ll have a fulfilled life – happy parents, kids taken care of, and your work-life sailing along. Is this idea even possible? Keeping all of these areas of our lives stationary and in a perfect balance seems pretty unrealistic. We’re sold the idea that … Read more

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How to be sure Parents Don’t Volunteer

I was at a parent group meeting last night and the subject of “why can’t we get anyone to volunteer” came up…again. The frustration was palpable. Our concessions chair, who literally manned every single athletic even last year, was clearly and reasonably at her limit. One of our event chairs is looking for her replacement … Read more



In a few short weeks, I will be transitioning out of my role as Chair of my kids’ high school athletics booster club and into the most favored position of Past Chair! I am beyond thrilled to be Past Chair. The Past Chair doesn’t have to recruit new people to the board. The Past Chair … Read more