Concession Stand

How to Run A Successful Concession Stand Fundraiser

Are you tasked with running a concession stand fundraiser for a booster club or other organization? I am and I’m trying to make it work more efficiently. Recently, a booster club I volunteer with decided to revamp the way we handle our concessions stand. In the last year or so, we moved from offering just …

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Passive Fundraising

Raising money for your school or other nonoprofit has never been easier! There are any number of “Passive” fundraising options. With these programs, you do a little initial setup, promote it to your school community, and sit back while the dough rolls in. Here are some of the most popular opportunities. Mitsy has a dedicated …

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food allergy warning

Parents, Parties & Peanuts!

Tis the season for parties. Class parties. End of season parties. Celebrations of all kinds. This is a terrifying time for parents of children with peanut, nut and other life-threatening food allergies. And equally terrifying for the adults planning parties for severely food allergic kids. If you’ve never had either experience, consider yourself lucky! My …

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super awesome room parent name tag

Room Parents, Parties & Gifts, Oh My

Being a Room Parent is one of the best volunteer jobs you can have Not only do you help your teacher stay focused on the business of teaching, but you get to spend extra time with your kid’s teacher, plan parties & coordinate gifts! You also build relationships with all the kids’ parents and are …

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class party with balloons

What Can I Serve?

Michelle Obama, the USDA and Classroom Parties You may have noticed Wellness Committees popping up in schools everywhere recently. You are not imagining it. New Federal guidelines from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) require all school districts that participate in federal lunch or breakfast programs establish nutritional standards for all food and drink served …

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