Room Parents, Parties & Gifts, Oh My

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Being a Room Parent is one of the best volunteer jobs you can have Not only do you help your teacher stay focused on the business of teaching, but you get to spend extra time with your kid’s teacher, plan parties & coordinate gifts! You also build relationships with all the kids’ parents and are …

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Find Ways to Unite your Community Building unity benefits students, teachers, and families Your school community is made up of individuals who come together for a common purpose. Members should feel welcome and valued. Schools and classrooms are where children and parents spend a significant amount of time each week, and parent volunteers have an …

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Does time of Year matter when asking for donations?

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It sure does and here’s why: The start of school is when parents are the most inspired and motivated. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your parents involved- encourage PTA/PTO membership drives, establish donation funds and recruit for volunteer committees. Take advantage of parents while they are enthusiastic and before they begin to feel the …

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Keeping the Work-Life Balance as a Volunteer

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Is the impossible dream, possible? Aspiring for the perfect balance means you’ll have a fulfilled life – happy parents, kids taken care of, and your work-life sailing along. Is this idea even possible? Keeping all of these areas of our lives stationary and in a perfect balance seems pretty unrealistic. We’re sold the idea that …

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