giving Money

Asking for Money is never easy, but we do know some good ways to ask!

Very few people are comfortable asking for money, but fundraising is a big part of being a leader in a parent volunteer group. The whole objective of the groups is to support kids by raising money. Let’s see about some good ways to make that ask.

Best practices:

Name the Amount

It’s best to ask for a specific amount and if you can, give an option to give more. Most of us like to be given directions.  But if you’re uncomfortable with the direct approach consider a gift range or just show the total amount of your goal.

Call to Action

Motivate your parents with a deadline and limit the ‘I’ll do it later’ approach. We are a community of parents pulled in multiple directions and that includes how we spend or donate.  Give a reasonable amount of time but remember much of giving is an emotional response and those are typically made quickly. With this in mind, make sure your payment process is clear and easy.  You don’t want to lose the momentum with a complex list of questions.  Just take them directly to a payment button and ask any questions in a follow up.

Tell them What Your Raising for

We all know the controversy around misused funds and vague appeals.  Dispel any uncertainty by being specific about why you are asking for these funds.  Parents want to feel connected and for those that can’t donate their time, knowing exactly how they are helping can make a world of difference.  Not just for that specific giving event but for future appeals. And don’t forget to share the results of the fundraiser with either pictures or a simple announcement. It seems so obvious, but we’re so pleased and exhausted at the end of the event that it is easy to forget to share results and to thank your parents for giving!

Other considerations:

  • Do a quick survey at the end of the year with a list of suggested areas of need.  Include your teachers and Principal when developing the list.  It never hurts to get a general understanding of what parents care about.  
  • Create a theme for your donation event – include posters and promotions that your students and parents relate to. And finally, make sure to have fun while you’re doing the hard work of fundraising!
  • Check out some of the tools the Mitsy offers to make asking for money easy!