About Us

Discover a little about the Mitsy Team. We put more than 30 years experience volunteering to work for your organization!

rachel elliott

Rachel Elliott

Rachel has a problem saying no…recruitment committees love her! PTA President, Vice President, Communication Chairs, Band Camp Chair…the list goes on. There’s no end in sight until her 3 kids graduate from High School! Of course, this work fills her heart; she loves building teams and making a difference in her kid’s schools.

beth thompson

Beth Thompson

Beth’s rock star status commands attention whether she likes it or not – while being named Volunteer of the Year by her son’s Elementary School the Principal started a chant of ‘You can count on Beth’. Still, Beth loves what she does from PTA President to High School Booster Club President. She steps up to help whenever and wherever her boys are involved.

susanne howard

Susanne Howard

Susanne’s love of numbers means volunteer boards seek her out for Treasurer, one of the most difficult positions to fill-- seriously! Once the word got out, she was sought out at every level of her kids’ schools. We all know this work load is enormous, but Susanne feels passionately about everything she does and makes no complaint while doing it!

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