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Mitsy is a network of tools to make managing your volunteer organization easy.

We Know What You Do

As parent volunteers ourselves, we know the hard work you are doing behind the scenes. Collecting memberships, recruiting and scheduling volunteers, keeping the website current, keeping everyone informed and so much more!

The work you do for your school is so important, but why does it have to be so hard? Every chair uses a different product with different logins to manage their work. None of them work together. Not to mention how difficult it is to get contact information for all the parents.

Mitsy can help. Mitsy is a network of tools, all in one place, that work together so your team can work together easily.

Mitsy Volunteers Smile More

Hello everyone! I just had my training and it is SUPER easy! Directory Admin, Sarah Dickson Well that was EASY!!!! 🙂
Directory Admin
I LOVE your new website! Love the sense of humor and the fact that you are addressing the very real challenges that small organizations face (not just PTAs). As a very active PTA and community volunteer, I think this organizational tool is a potentially life-changing product. Thanks for all the thoughtful work you have put in to it. 🙂
Program Coordinator
This is great!! I was able to easily log-in, view my info and search for students. Awesome job getting this set up!
Board Member
I helped our school PTA transition from a labor-intensive online directory that required a lot of data entry to the Mitsy (My Easy Directory) system last year. The support team was so easy to work with! I am excited about the expanded services Mitsy offers this year.
Room Parent Coordinator
I accessed the link thru my phone with no issues …..Thanks.

Mitsy Makes it Easy to be a Volunteer

Create a custom website with a few clicks of your mouse. Set up volunteer signups and a calendar of events. We’ll even show you how to get a comprehensive directory of all parents and students in your organization!

Mitsy makes it easy with:

  • Custom Website
  • Member Directory
  • Volunteer Sign Up
  • Calendar
  • Document Storage
  • Dues and Donations
  • Store (in beta)

See all of Mitsy’s features in action. Click the “Share” button at the end of the demo to share Mitsy with the rest of your board. Watch commitment free. We don’t require your email.

Schedule a Mitsy team member to “visit” your next board meeting via web conference to answer any questions your board may have.

 I love Mitsy! Let’s get my organization signed up. Pay online or receive an email invoice.